Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

First, a special shout out to Dianne, and her fine staff at OD's here in Nyack for making our Thanksgiving Show one for the memory books.   If you are looking for incredible, locally sourced, GMO and Glutin free organic dining, this is the place to be.   Thank you Diane, staff, and our very own "Rockland Forager" for putting out a Thanksgiving spread worthy of the Pilgrims whom we are celebrating.  The show, and all the guests had a great time, and the sense of community share with all the guests is one that brought with it some memories I will carry on though out my life.

Black Friday...early reports are positive for retailers, which saddens this writer.  There were efforts online (Twitter) to generate a "#BoycottBlackFriday" movement, but alas that effort to make a statement about the unacceptability of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President fizzled out, unable to generate enough traction to get noticed.   That said, I will be skipping the day, and also will not participate in the Internet equivalent held this upcoming Monday.    Trump has divided America, he lost the Popular Vote, and I can never accept him as my President, so will be participating in any action to keep the negative focus on this vile excuse for a human being.

The DAPL protests are continuing, even on Thanksgiving.  Sadly, so does the push to complete the project before the end of the Calendar year.   In even stranger news, Energy Transfer Partners has just announced a merger with Sunoco Logistics Partners, another one of the vile partners in this Pipeline Project which is doomed to poison the drinking water in the is noted here, that there is a Pipeline leak of significance every 30 hours here in America.

We here at "Voice of Reason" hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with great food and family.   Remember to do something for those less fortunate than you on this special weekend.

NOTE-Just announced that Florence Henderson of "Brady Bunch" fame has passed away of heart failure...she will be missed.