Sunday, November 20, 2016

War Declared on DAPL Protestors! 25 Degrees, Police ATTACKING PROTESTERS With Water Cannons!

OMG...just breaking on Twitter...President Barack Obama, you MUST STOP THIS!   You cannot sit on the sidelines your last 60 days in office.   America is turning its lonely eyes to you!

ALL CITIZENS...The Water Protectors are asking every American to call the Morton County Police and file a formal complaint!    Their number is 701 667 3318.   Being attacked by water cannons at night in fridgid 25 degree temperatures is far beyond the pale...PLEASE MAKE A CALL!

OUTRAGEOUS! It's 25° in North Dakota, the police are using water cannons, rubber bullets and gas grenades.

Peaceful protesters currently being attacked by the military.

Police using water cannons on unarmed protectors, in frigid temperatures. (photo credit: Dallas Goldtooth)