Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dakota Pipeline War UPDATE...Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren, "PROFIT OVER PEOPLE"

“There’s not another way. We’re building at that location,” Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren told The Associated Press as the company digs in its feet, plans legal action to force his will on Native Americans...the question is, WHY? 

The Army Corp has not granted an easement under the Missouri River in North Dakota near a Native American tribe’s reservation, claiming more negotiation and discussion is needed to find COMPROMISE between the parties.   
Problem is, Kelcy Warren and his company have contract OBLIGATIONS to fulfill starting in January of 2017 and in his mind, that reality should take precedent over people,and safety.

Rather than having dialogue it seems Energy Transfer Partners is counting on their own very not so SECRET WEAPON, one "NOT MY PRESIDENT" Donald J Trump who is HEAVILY invested in the project.   That coupled with CEO Kelcy Warren's heavy investment of over $100,000 in Donald J Trump's Presidential Campaign suggests pay to play and corruption at the highest levels of our political process, and the corporate fossil fuel industry.

Pretending an interest in finding compromise, Ceo Kelcy Warren suggests he wants a PRIVATE MEETING with Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault in the hope (one has to think) of buying him off with a few beads and trinkets...sorry Kelcy, but those days are gone forever.  Preferring to have dialogue through proper channels that will give ALL STAKEHOLDERS THEIR PROPER VOICE, Dave Archambault has so far declined a request for a private meeting.

We at "Voice of Reason" will continue to update our readers on this important news story.

NOTE-Forbes lists CEO Kelcy Warren as the 150th richest man in the world with personal wealth of over $4 BILLION, making him, like Trump part of the upper one percent of the one percent.

NOTE-Contrary to Kelcy Warren's claims, pipelines are not near as safe as he would have you believe!  Independent analysis of federal records found that since 1986, oil and gas pipeline leaks, spills and other safety incidents have resulted in nearly $7 billion in damages, more than 2,000 injuries and more than 500 deaths.