Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kelcy Warren of "Energy Transfer Partners" Now Stooping To Bullying

We here at "Voice of Reason" have been giving extensive coverage to the Dakota Pipeline protests, humbled by the efforts of the Water Protectors and those who are supporting them as they stand up against the egregiously neglect corporate monsters who are putting profits ahead of environmental protections, and what is best for the communities being forced to play host to another dangerous pipeline.  Too often, despite false assurances that these projects are safe, a horrendous accident is not a question of if, but a question of when.

The money changers who have funded this project want the pipeline up and operational by the beginning of the New an attempt to meet this goal, and to thwart the will of the people it seems that Kelcy Warren  CEO of "Energy Transfer Partners" based out of Texas has decided to BULLY the opposition by going into Court, asking a Federal Judge to force the Army Corp of Engineers to approve the last permit needed to complete the project and make it operational.   He is claiming the permitting delay is a direct result of the "Obama Administration and their political interference in the process, calling it "a flagrant disregard for the law.

Take action...give Energy Transfer Partners a piece of your mind by calling their corporate headquarters and leaving Kelcy Warren a message!   Their number is (214) 981-0700

You can also send them your thoughts via email:

For those who can afford it, would also suggest sending them a chunk of coal as an early message from Santa Claus!

Kelcy  Warren
Energy Transfer Partners
8111 Westchester Drive
Dallas Texas 75225

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