Thursday, November 17, 2016

Did Alexander Broadcasting, Inc. Dupe Local Citizens, and The FCC?


If you listen to local AM Radio station 1700AM you have noticed what is, at the very least, some very ODD PROGRAMMING...especially when you look at all the reasons they stated in their request to have the FCC to put out a much stronger signal.   Here is what we here at the "Voice of Reason" know so far:

1.  All the programs the station had that had ANY KIND OF AUDIENCE have been ripped off the air, and now are only available via online streaming of these shows.

2.  The owners of the station have ODDLY and EGREGIOUSLY taken a local AM Signal and decided to dedicate it over solely to Indian Language programming from Radio India for the next 12 has to wonder if this in the best interest of OUR COMMUNITY, or were the owners given a deal TO SWEET TO SAY NO TO by Radio Indie?

3.   We are not sure the FCC knows about this odd change that runs contrary to the expansion of their license from this writers perspective, but we will be filing an inquiry with several state and federal agency on this matter.

The station press release says,  “We look forward to serving our current audience and future listeners with great local, general interest and niche-specific programming.”  Would love to hear them explain how Indian Language programming and music from Radio Indie is consider GREAT LOCAL programming...STAY TUNED!

In the meantime, we are investigating this, and look for this to be a topic on "Voice of Reason" in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!  AS an aside...for those who do not know it, Rockland World Radio is starting its fourteenth year of broadcasting, is the most experienced truly local Internet Broadcast station in our area...something all of our Rockland County advertisers should remember when planning their advertising budgets...go where the listeners are, and go with the experienced local Radio Station to get results.