Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Worse Than Conflicts in Interest, Is Maniac President Elect Moving Us Closer To Hitler Like Oppression Here In America?

Ugly Trump Neck Matches Personality
So, how do you feel about fascism, Nazi sympathizers and the KKK taking over the White House, and every faction of our Federal Government?  Welcome to a Donald Trump Presidency!  In his latest attempt at stifling our First Amendment Rights, the Orange Menace himself tweeted out that the burning of an American Flag should be punishable by up to one year in prison and/or loss of our American Citizenship.  Let the fear and loathing begin! 

As if this were not enough, his various and assorted picks for his cabinet and other important positions gets scarier by the day.  Trump has drained the swamp and open the valve to the cesspool as his hand picked pieces of shit prepare to take over the task of running this already great country...the harm they are about to cause frightening in scope and vision.  Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, LGBT Rights are all now officially on the chopping block, as well as all those pesky fair housing laws that protect against discrimination.  

As if this is not enough, can we quit white washing (pun intended) Bigots, racists, Nazi's and other malcontents of the far far right by referring to them in the media as the Alt Right?   These monsters of our American Society seem to have but one goal...returning America to the good old days of WHITE SUPREMACY and making any one who is non white, or non Christian second or even third class citizens.

If all this does not bring visions of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich quickly to mind it should.   Trump's rise to power, his use and manipulation of Mass Media are racing down a path the world has seen before, a path that brought us World War II and the Holocaust, and if he is left unchecked, we are on the verge of repeating the darkest period of Human History as Satan's Demon-spawn marches us into a World War that we will not win.  When that war is over and finished, America as we knew it will be gone, and our position as the Super Power of the World will be over, our nation kicked into the dustbin of failed states.

On a separate note.

A simple Google Search or two quickly gives you the addresses of almost every Donald J Trump holding/building in the world.  If every citizen of America can access this information, so can every terrorist in the world who is looking for a target that would hurt America.   Donald J Trump becoming President of the United States of America has made everyone of his properties a target, and all of those who are renting office space in those buildings, who own apartments, condos in those buildings are foolish if they do not accept this very basic harsh truth.     As long as this horrid monster remains in the White House, none of his property are safe from becoming a target of those bent on doing harm to America.