Saturday, November 26, 2016

Time For Citizens To Demand A Constitutional Amendment Giving Us Right To Recall The President

This Buffoon is Our Next President?
Less than 25 percent of eligible voters cast a vote in favor of the Orange Orangutan Donald J. Trump; the majority of America's citizens thinking this bigoted, racist misogynistic lunatic could never get elected to the highest office in the land, become the most powerful elected person in the World...yet through voter suppression, FBI and Russian intervention in the electoral process to elect our next president this insidious and insipid pimple on a maggot's ass managed to lose the "Popular Vote" by well over 2 million votes, yet winning enough "Electoral College" votes to be chosen (not by the people) as the 45th President of the United States.   Now we the citizens are facing an unthinkable under the reign of a fascist dictator who is having a bromance with Russia's Vladimir Putin, the most dangerous leader the world has known since Adolf Hitler.  

Sadly, there is little chance of the Republican controlled House and Senate actually moving forward to IMPEACH this self serving ego-maniacal, self serving, narcissistic mad man who as President Elect is already using the White House and his position to enrich himself,and his family.  Which begged the question, what can "We the People" to to save ourselves and our nation from Donald J. Trump?   Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do...our forefathers considered giving us the power of the recall, but it never made it into the Constitution.

Which begs the question, has the time come that "We The People"use our power of redress found in the "First Amendment" to petition both houses of Congress for a Constitutional Amendment giving "We the People" the power of recalling all Federally Elected Officials we find unfit to hold office? We could do a two for one amendment, one that grants us the right to recall officials elected to federal public office, and doing away with the Electoral College that gives an unfair weighted advantage to the votes in under-populated states.  How is it fair that say the votes of New York'ers carry far less weight in the Electoral College than the votes of people living in Wyoming or North Dakota?

A "Constitutional Amendment" will not rid us of the most ill-equipped President Elect America has ever seen, but it will give us an out if such a tragic specimen ever to claim the nomenclature of human-being should the voters of the future ever find themselves being duped by a similar set of villains that rigged this election (FBI, Russia, Wikileaks, Voter Fraud and Suppression,   Stupidity and Greed of Mass Media).