Sunday, December 4, 2016

Donald J Trump is Not a Ticking Time Bomb, He's Exploding Right Before Our Eyes

Donald Trump is Exploding Atomic Bomb
Last night, Saturday Night Live gave us a hysterically funny, and spot on humorous rendition of Donald Trump extremely disturbing Twitter addiction.  Instead of laughing with the rest of the nation, Trump ran to Twitter and hurled vexatious venom at the show, and specifically Alex Baldwin who does a spot on impersonation of "The Donald".   First can we as a nation put a man in the White House who's skin is so thin that he starts fights with a Late Night Comedy Show?  Can we say "pick your battles" Mr. Trump, followed closely by "he's not my president, and never will be my president."   Never will the words President Trump cross my lips, even if he does water boarding or some other unlawful extreme means of torture.

As if this was not bad enough, the man went on Twitter this morning threatening every manufacturing firm in America with a 35 percent tariff if they relocate a plant outside the borders of the United States of America.  Not even President yet, and throwing down the gauntlet, threatening what amounts to a Trade War with the rest of the world seems more than risky...will be interesting to see how the stock market reacts to this on Monday morning.   If I were a manufacturer contemplating building a plant in America, would seriously reconsider such an investment under such a hostile environment.   More importantly, if Trump starts a trade war by imposing exorbitant tariffs on imported goods, what is China (who holds in excess of a trillion dollars of our debt) going to do in the way of retaliation?

Media says we have never seen a President like this before, and that is putting it mildly.  From the moment he won the Electoral College, Donald Trump has done nothing but alienate those he is supposed to represent, while upsetting the diplomatic process in the name of making himself ever richer, using the White House as his new Corporate Marketing Department.  You could not create a more offensive list of cabinet members than Trump has put forward each person on the list worse in one way or another than the one before.  Anti-Choice, Anti Marriage Equality, Anti LGBT, bigots, racists, and Climate Deniers...pick your poison, most of his picks have as a part of who they are one or more of these self identifiers.   Instead of attempts at unifying Americans, Trump is telling us in his picks that you are either on his team, or you are the enemy.  

Lest any one still doubts it, Donald J Trump more and more appears to be a modern day reincarnation of Adolf Hitler in the flesh, poised short of a miracle of becoming the 45th President of the United States, and if you listen closely, you can hear his national call to arms as he prepares us for a war that we don't want, but will be forced to fight.   This is not the sour grapes of a Hillary Supporter, but rather an accurate look into a future that suddenly appears very bleak for our nation, and for the millions of working poor who call America home.

Is there any doubt that Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and the Republican Party are planning to wage a war of sorts on the poor, the unfortunate, and the elderly?  They want to eliminate Obama Care, take away health care for 22 Million citizens.   They want to eliminate and/or privatize the Medicaid Medicare system...never mind the fact that 79 Million Baby Boomers have paid into this system their entire working careers, counting on having a modicum of health coverage in their old age.  The same is planned for Social Security...again, something that 79 Million Baby Boomers have paid into the system their entire working career, their payments into the system matched by their employer.   Tax cuts are going mostly to those already rich, and several million Americans in the Middle Class will actually see their taxes going up.  These actions amount to a war on America's working poor.

On the International Stage, Donald Trump is setting the stage for war as well.  A prime example of this was his phone call to Taiwan which has upset a diplomatic agreement reached with China under President Ronald Reagan back in the early 80's.  As if that were not enough, he upset India by having a friendly chat with their sworn should be noted here, that both of these calls were made to countries where Trump the corporation is pursuing and or building Luxury Hotel Projects.   The list goes on...he spoke to the leader of Turkey, and then miraculously his Istanbul project sees all of its problems disappear, same in the Philippines.   Diplomacy should not revolve around what is in the best interest of Trump Enterprises, but that is exactly what we are seeing since he became the President Elect.   

It is very scary times when people encourage their children to avoid serving in our Military...not because they are unpatriotic, but because the thought of Donald J Trump as 'Commander in Chief" scares the hell out of them.  His stacking his cabinet with at least 4 or 5 Generals, his willingness to make a disgraced General Secretary of State, his wanting to place another General in the position of Secretary of Defense whose nickname is "Mad Dog", and who is the anti-thesis of a civilian, could even be called a warmonger who had publicly stated killing is kind of fun.  

America's Alt Right has given this nation a monster who we thought was a ticking time bomb...instead, he is showing us each and every day that he is a Bomb Exploding right before our eyes, and in doing so, he threatens to destroy our country...he must be stopped using any and all legal means available to "We The People".