Sunday, December 4, 2016

Water Protectors (For Now) HAVE WON...Army Corp Denies Easement to BIG OIL...NO DAPL

Congratulations WATER PROTECTORS
The Army Corp has spoken, and for now the Dakota Access Pipeline has been stopped, but it has not been killed!  Today, environmental activists, the Indian Nation, and Water Protectors have won a huge battle, and should bask in that win.   However, we must all be vigilant, and it is hoped that the protesters will continue their protests until the Army Corp has actually chosen a different route for this troublesome project.

Supposedly, there will be a full EIS (Environmental Impact Study) which could take months, even years.  Problem is, Donald J Trump will probably have something to say or do about this decision on his first day in office.   If everyone has already gone home, and this decision by the Army Corp gets quickly reversed, all of those who have sacrificed, who made this win possible will have won the battle, but in the end will lose the war.

For those here in NY, we celebrate with the Water Protectors tonight, but tomorrow we have to double our efforts on stopping the Spectra Pipeline that is being buried in the Hudson River less than 200 feet from the dangerous, dilapidated, failing Indian Point Nuclear Reactors which are owned by a company known for being less than honest in their dealings with the public...Entergy should have all of its Nuclear Reactors Shut down and decommissioned!