Friday, December 2, 2016

Voter Recounts Raising Serious Questions About Integrity of Election

This Man STOLE ELECTION, Not My President!
So it is official...the recounts in certain states have begun, and because we are being denied a hand recount of the votes, questions will linger even after Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania have finished the task.  Which begs the question, WHAT ARE THEY HIDING...a question that takes on more urgency when states are downgrading the number of votes Donald J Trump received even before the recounts begin.   

Of course the various counties in Wisconsin that have changed their final vote tallies are wanting to claim...INNOCENT HUMAN ERROR...we don't think so.   It is believed by many in America that there has been deliberate manipulation of the vote to put Trump in the White House.   Couple this with the FBI's Comey interference, Russia's hacking of our election, and the Russian aided leaks from Wikileaks, and we as a nation have to come to but one conclusion...THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN by the Republicans with help from Putin.  That reality should not be allowed to stand, but in the name of a "Peaceful Transition of Power" is a reality that will stand, a reality that has threatened the very foundation stones of our American Democracy.

In Wisconsin, a Republican Judge is denying a paper recount...even more disturbing, why are 19 counties denying re-counters access to the paper ballots for voter verification purposes...we have a right to know the number of these ballots, and do they match up to the number of supposed votes submitted to the state....three counties already greatly downgraded the number of votes that were reported for Donald J. Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump is trying to stop the Michigan re-count in its tracks with a legal challenge filed by his legal team late yesterday afternoon.   If he is confident in his win, why try to stop a re-count...could it be he knows he could lose this state when all votes are DOUBLE CHECKED?

Those of us who are wanting to verify that our Election Process is fair and that every vote counts (fat chance with Electoral College) are also running into a great deal of turbulence in Pennsylvania as well.  Donald Trump lost the Popular Vote by over 2.5 MILLION votes, and around 70,000 votes in a handful of battleground states will put him in the White House..."We the People" deserve these recounts, deserve to know that he won those states...I will not use the word fairly, as outside agitators stole the 2016 elections with Russia leading the attack.

Yes, these recounts will probably not see Hillary Clinton seeing enough change in the votes to give her the White House, but if the margins in these states are much smaller, it could get the Electoral College voters in those states cause to consider just who they cast a vote for when the vote is taken later this month...Donald Trump is not qualified to be President,and there is more than ample evidence to show this was a RIGGED Presidential Election.