Sunday, December 11, 2016

Treason is Treason, and Other State Interference in America's Election By Russia Should Require a NEW ELECTION.

Loyalty to Nation over Loyalty to Party.  Sign Petition of Redress for NEW ELECTIONS Here!

The big news story this weekend that is not capturing near as much news coverage as it should, is the CIA admitting that Russia interfered in our Presidential Election with the intention of seeing Donald J Trump elected as our 45th President of the United States of America.  This news is even more than disturbing when you look at the incredibly close margins of victory for Mr. Trump in 4-5 states where he just barely won, and the overwhelming Popular Vote Victory that Hillary Clinton won by almost 3 Million margin of victory in the 4 Battleground States that gave Trump his Electoral College win is less than 80,000 votes...perhaps less if Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania would allow a "Free and Fair" hand recount.

There are charges of Treason racing across Twitter, and we must give a serious ear to these allegations by the voters.  Senator Mitch McConnell knew about Russia's involvement in the race almost two months before election day, but SAT ON THE INFORMATION, as did Speaker Paul Ryan, and Donald J. Trump and his staff.   That is TREASON.   The director of the FBI knew about the Russian involvements, but kept them secret, while having no problems eleven days before the vote trotting out a FAKE NEWS story meant to be the final nail in Hillary Clinton's campaign to win the White House...a clear violation of the Hatch Act, but perhaps Treason as well.

For some, they are clinging to the fairy tale that the Electoral College will realize that Donald J Trump is a demagogue, perhaps a traitor to the United States, and vote in a way (Hamilton Voters) that A) keeps Trump out of the White House, or perhaps throws their vote to Hillary Clinton. Think this is a highly unlikely scenario, odds about the same as any one individual winning Super Lotto's big prize.  Getting 38 Republicans Electoral College voters to reverse direction is a very tall order, and one probably doomed from the very start as Electoral College Voters are very faithful party first Republicans and Democrats who are very firm in their loyalty to party, even if the best thing for the United States is placing country first over party loyalty.

If it would catch fire, think there is a much better chance with a Petition of Redress (a First Amendment Right) presented to Barack Obama, the House of Representatives, and the United States Senate.  Such a petition requires a minimum of 100,000 voter signatures, but to have a chance, would think such a Petition would need Millions of Signatures to receive any serious consideration. Furthermore, for such a petition to have a chance, it is imperative that "We the People" be allowed to see the evidence that has been collected by the FBI, CIA and other investigative bodies of the Federal Government that would lay out the proof of Putin/Russian interference in our election, as well as the extent of that interference.

An election won with the help of a Nation State in Russia, stolen for Donald J Trump with the help of one Vladimir Putin cannot be allowed to stand.   At best President Elect Donald J. Trump is a wannabe despot who will make America a Banana Republic during his four year tenure.  At worse, he will declare Marshall Law and bring down the best Democracy the world has ever seen.   We must not be silent, we must become the Active Resistance.