Thursday, December 8, 2016

Let's Make January 20th (Trump Inauguration Day) a National Day of Mourning...Protest in Black

Greetings America:

I am just one lone activist and Hillary Supporter living here in Rockland County NY.  Myself and others on Twitter have been discussing in Direct Messages a need to organize a MAJOR 50 State Protest on Inauguration Day...the theme..."National Day of Mourning" where all protesters would be encouraged to arrive at protest sites dressed in black as we Mourn on the day that Donald J Trump officially becomes President of the United States.

We know this can be done...there is a 50 State Protest being organized for this Saturday December 10 and a Million Woman March is being planned in Washington DC the day after the Inauguration.  So the will and the organizers are out there...we just need them to step in and help a small handful of Activists from Twitter in making it happen.  We need to take the focus off of Donald Trump on January 20th, and put the media attention on protesters who are mourning in all 50 states!

If you are someone, or know someone who can get this project off the ground, and help it gain National attention and momentum, please DM @BeChangeToday over on Twitter, or leave information in the comments section of this blog article.