Monday, December 19, 2016

Trump You Are President Elect of America, Not President Of The People

Notice EAR PIECE...Russia Prompts?
Dear Donald J Trump:

Today it became official, you are the President of America.  However, we at this moment in history are not the United States of America, and you are not the President of the people.  Most of us hate you, despise you, don't trust you, or are just flat out scared to death of what your Presidency is going to do to the people you are supposed to serve.  The very concept of you serving anyone or anything other than Donald J Trump and his interests would be laughable if it were not so scarily laughable. You have spent your entire life thinking everything is all about the Donald, and you have spent your entire life stooping to any level in your quest to feed your own ego.

Your zealots masquerading as pundits on various and assorted manipulated news channels tell us we must accept your presidency, must get over our anger and unite behind you and your agenda for America...that is not going to happen.   Most civilized human beings here and around the world find everything about you repugnant, find that your views on the most important issues of our time run contrary to our beliefs.  You are perceived to be the Modern Day reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, your cabinet choices a rebirth of the Third Reich on steroids.   Under your leadership, World War III is no longer something we guard against, but a likely probability.   You in your four years will more than likely lead America into War, destroy our standing in the world for decades to come, and possible set Global Climate Change on a course that will lead to Earth becoming just another dead planet flying through the cosmos devoid of all life.

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell have pledged to work with you in a war on 79 Million Baby Boomers, Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security on the proverbial chopping block to pay for more tax cuts for the Uber Rich under the guise that they will create more good paying jobs.  First, Reaganomics and Trickle Down Economics did not and will not work.   The rich got a lot richer, while the average working stiff has been treading water now for almost 40 years, at best their wages stagnant as we struggle to keep our heads above water.  Additionally, we the working people have paid into the program our entire lives, we PAID THE PREMIUMS for both these safety nets meant to take care of us in our Golden, you are willing to break your campaign promises and allow Paul Ryan to steal those benefits away from us?

You seem to be at war with every person in the 99 percent, including those whom you catered favor with during your run for President, feeding them your pablum out on the Campaign Trail in an Act that would put PT Barnum to shame...they believed you, and now with that smirk on your face, you are (with your decisions) laughing in their faces, thinking to yourself, "you stupid shills don't even realize what I am about to do to all of you, you are nothing to me but sheep to the slaughter who have unwittingly followed the siren song into troubled waters that will see most of you drown under the Tyranny of my reign.  

You don't love America, never have...Donald is incapable of loving anyone or anything other than himself, and the majority of us who voted this saw through your thin veil of supposed Patriotism which is why you lost the Popular Vote by almost 3 million people.   The margin of Hillary Clinton's win would have been far great if not for voter suppression, and the interference of Russia, both couple with your treason to this nation.  Yes, I am saying are guilty of treason, and I shall go to my grave praying each and every day that you are brought to trial on this charge, found guilty and given the maximum penalty under the law, a sentence of death.

Immigration Reform should not include deporting 12 million people, some of whom (DREAMERS) know no other country than America.   Fines, penalties and other such reprisals for breaking our laws are reasonable, but the tearing apart of families, the ruthless gathering up of human beings like they are cattle for deportation...that is not America, does not represent our values.   Build your wall, and "We The People" will tear it down.   Start gathering up undocumented immigrants, and we will form a new Underground Railroad to spirit these humans to a Safe Haven, hide them from our brutal regime.   

If you and the putrid far right evangelicals think we as a nation are going backwards when it comes to LGBT Rights and marriage equality, guess again.   Watch how fast America will go from being the loyal opposition, the resistance willing to stand up against your despot ways to a full fledged rebellion with millions upon millions taking to the streets in open hostile resistance to what would be an open attempt at Genocide of those's who's lifestyles, love choices and sexual identity run contrary to your perceived moral authority and superiority.  

On this and so many other issues of importance as relates to human dignity "We the People" have come to far, made to much forward progress to let you or anyone else push us backwards.  We will stand strong, and if necessary will move from resistance to full out opposition of those wishing to oppress us.  You have gathered together the most Anti-LGBT cabinet possible, your intentions clear in your selections, and we are donning our armor, are prepared to push back on this and so many other issues.  Arrest as subversives, and it will be a badge of honor we will wear proudly.

Women for decades have shouted from the rooftops "Keep your hands and your laws off our bodies". Now they are looking at a man who pretends to be President who shouts from the rooftops, "Grab em by the pussies!"  You've said in a TV interview that women should be PUNISHED for having an abortion, but you were fine with paying for an abortion when your Mistress got hypocrisy there!  

Even God gives all of us "Freedom of Choice" our decisions on Judgement Day between ourselves and our God.  The rabid right wing evangelicals, Republicans and you need to stop trying to legislate your morals onto the rest of the nation...quite frankly the morals of all of you repulse the majority of Americans, and the hypocrisy you exhibit is astounding as you look down upon us from on high and say, "Do as I say, not as I do".  We'll just leave the names of Dennis Hastert and Mark Foley here, and remind everyone that both Senator McCain and Newt Gingrich had no problems carrying on affairs while married and members of Congress.

Mother Earth is in crisis, Global Warming very real, yet you have put together a cabinet of Climate Deniers who are bent on sucking out of the earth every last ounce of Fossil related Energy regardless of the folly, regardless of the additional damage that will be done to the planet traveling down this path.  Every citizen of America, every citizen of the world needs to take a pledge to become Earth Warriors, doing anything and everything within our power to oppose people like you who put profits above the only planet we have, who are willing to be contributors to Global Warming in your quest to become every richer even if it means the death of the only planet we have.

You will occupy the White House for a time...guessing far less than four years as most of us fully expect you to be impeached, but you will never be OUR PRESIDENT.    In your cabinet choices, in your "Thank You Tour" you have shown you are anything but a Uniter, have shown your intent to rule with an iron fist.  In your world, there is Donald Trump, and those fool hardy enough to follow him, and enemies.   I stand tall, and am proud to stand with those that are against you, who will oppose your reign of terror with our last breath if necessary.

You won the White House tonight, but you did not and never will win the hearts and souls of decent Americans.