Friday, December 30, 2016

Open Letter to Donald J. Trump on Inauguration Day...the man who will NEVER BE OUR PRESIDENT

Comb-Over Trump Not Our President

Dear Donald Trump:

Today, January 20th  2017 you are the President of these the “United States of America”, but you are not the President for most Americans, we do not see you as elected in a “Free and Fair” election, believe you cheated to put yourself into the highest office in the land, committed treason with the help of Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin.  Most of us cannot and will not ever see you as President, do not respect you, or your agenda that has painted a target onto the backs of almost every person in what, till you took office was a great nation.  

We do not fear you as a person, but fear what you are going to do while in office, and that has us loathing you and your administration with every fiber of our beings.  Let’s go over some of the issues we have with you and your agenda for America.

79 Million Americans have paid into Medicare and Social Security our entire working lives, counted on and factored these social programs into our retirement plans, benefits we bought and paid for, and hearing that you are now willing to break your “Campaign Promise” to preserve these programs, are willing to give the GOP controlled congress free rein to eliminate them is simply unacceptable.   We are not asking for a handout, but demanding that we receive benefits that we have already paid for during our entire working careers.   Taking those benefits away, or reducing them is equivalent to robbery, and we are not going to allow you and a Republican Congress to steal from us what we have already paid for…just because you got away with fraud with your Trump University, does not mean you get to screw millions of Americans in the same fashion.

For most senior citizens, cutting back or eliminating these important Social Programs will leave us broke, destitute and living shorter lives than God above intended us too.   For these reasons, we will fight you at every step of the journey as you attempt to roll back benefits we have already earned.  Furthermore,  any attempt at reducing or eliminating these benefits will cost the Republicans dearly in the 2018 midterm election, and see you (if you have not been impeached) going down to the greatest defeat a sitting president has ever suffered should you decide to run for re-election in 2020.  This is not a threat sir, but a promise…we can speak our peace during elections with our votes, and we learned in this past election how easily a vile monster like you can take power if we take our vote for granted by staying home.  NEVER  AGAIN.

Your attitudes and plans for both immigrants, and Muslims is not only unacceptable, it is both racist and illegal.   Your campaign of instilling fear in us as Americans is deplorable, and if you think you can force your edicts on us because we think you will keep us safe, think again.   You live in New York (sadly), have the ability to look out into the harbor and see the “Statue of Liberty” standing proudly, a symbol to the World that America’s arms are open to its huddled masses.   Yet, other than your back door that opens into the employee’s entrance at Maralogo, you want to shut that door in your wrong sited desire to isolate us from the rest of the world, turning America’s back on what is and will continue to be a Global Society and Economy.  What we in the majority want and expect from the person who is supposed to represent ALL AMERICANS:

1.    Valid, not extreme vetting that allows those escaping from war and oppression too find both a safe haven and home here in America.  It is who we are as a nation.  We all remember 9/11 and its aftermath, and no one wants a repeat of that day, but we also don’t want to give into  terrorist, don’t want them to be successful in destroying our free and open society from the inside out.  Your agenda and tough guy talk is setting the stage for just that reality, and the various and assorted tainted Generals in your cabinet seem to signal your willingness, even eager desire to beat the drums of a war that “We the People” do not want.  War kills people in the name of jump starting corporate profit taking…we are not interested in dying for your Billionaire Friends.
2.      Most Americans support some kind of Immigration Reform which provides some kind of a pathway to eventual citizenship.  What we do not support, is the rounding up and deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants, the vicious tearing apart of families, many of whom have called America home for decades, and multiple generations.  If you want a wall, build it around your estate properties, not around America.

Nothing during the campaign was more offensive than your taped voice saying, “Grab em by the pussy” and most women fear that one statement personifies your complete and udder disrespect for women, and their rights.  Keep your dirty filthy hands and Republican aspirations that try to legislate their perverted Morales into law off of women’s bodies, and out of their rights as EQUAL CITIZENS of these United States of America.  Leave Roe vs Wade alone, and stop harassing Planned Parenthood, stop trying to destroy an organization that has done so much good  for women in their fight to be seen and treated as equals in our American Society.

Those in the LGBT community whom most Americans both love and respect are under attack more than ever before, and that reality lies at your feet Mr. Trump.   You have stoked the flames of racism and bigotry in this country, and that action has made both POC and the LGBT targets of the Alt. Right, which is nothing more than a politically correct way of saying Neo-Nazi Nationalist bent on belittling and/or destroying anyone unlike them…which means anyone non-white, anyone who does not fit into their rigid misguided views of morality.   In short, well over half of the citizens of these United States fail the Republican purity test, and so are now targets of their hatred and you have empowered them.  We the people believe in marriage equality believe in a workplace devoid of discrimination, and a nation that bestows “Equal Rights” upon all citizens regardless of their Race, Creed, Religion, Sex or Sexual Orientation.

In so many ways, you have spoken out against minimum wage; have suggested at times you feel it is too high.   You and others living in Ivory Towers seem to think there is nothing wrong with paying people a starvation wage, keeping them in what amounts to a situation of life long servitude to the rich and elite.  Rich people may create jobs, but it is those toiling day in and day out at subsistence wage jobs that create the product and services that create the wealth enjoyed by the few.  That is morally and ethically wrong, and it is time for a living wage.    Ten dollars an hour with a large number of exclusions for certain jobs is not a living wage.  $15 dollars an hour is barely a minimum wage, so let us start there, and make it universal with no exceptions in certain industry such as restaurants.  If a company such as Waffle House cannot survive while paying a fair wage, let them close their doors.   Slavery supposedly ended over 150 years ago, starvation wages is the modern day equivalent that must end, indentured servitude being tossed into the dumpster of bad ideas we as a nation find morally repugnant and reject as unacceptable.

Global Climate Change is real…we do not need less environmental protection, but more of it.  We do not desire to go back to a time where Sarah Palin’s chant of “Drill Baby Drill” is the law of the land, a time where Big Oil can run rough shod over economically depressed communities in their quest to suck every last ounce of fossil fuels out of the ground to benefit only their corporate bottom lines.  Your cabinet picks instead of protecting the environment, and slowing Global Warming will accelerate it, and put our planet in grave peril.  That cannot and must not happen, and again we will fight your wrong sited ideas and plan for America.

If you and the Republicans want to fix what is wrong with Obama Care, we have some very workable solutions.  If instead it is your intention to take Health Care away from 22-30 Million Americans we oppose the plan, and all those including you who will attempt it.  Have you considered what your Presidency will be like if Republicans lose both the House and Senate in 2018?  You will be a neutered fool, president in title only, all but powerless for the last half or your Presidency.

We the people oppose massive tax cuts for corporations and the uber rich…instead, how about raising their taxes.   Take that money and do three things with it.   One third can go to rebuilding our military, and properly taking care of our Veterans.   Another third can go to paying down the debt which is out of control.  Let the last third be used for social safety net programs such as Social Security, paying back the money which was stolen from it, used to strengthen Medicare/Medicaid, and putting more people in a position of having coverage.

Perhaps you can find the time to read Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” and learn from that reading.  You and your policies want to take America backwards, rather than forward, and “We the People” must oppose your efforts at every step.  

It would be nice if you changed, and became the people’s president, but that is not going to happen as you are far to vain and self-centered to truly care for America and its people.   So, on this your day of Inauguration, we the undersigned citizens of this great nation are informing you that you are NOT OUR PRESIDENT, and probably never will be.  Respect is not demanded, but instead is earned, a lesson you should have learned long ago.  We will not stand with you, will not stand behind you, but instead will be the resistance that works to stop you are every turn.

We the Opposition